Saturday, November 10, 2012

Currently...Better Late Than Never!

Oops! It's already the 10th??
How does that keep happening?
I may not be able to follow the rule of 3 :(
Here's my November Currently...courtesy of Farley at
Oh' Boy! 4th Grade (check her out...looking fit & awesome, go girl!)!
Music - Christmas music starts in my house the day after Halloween! Can't wait 'til Rock my Run releases some Christmas mixes! They found out about my ♥ for them on previous Currently's & left me a sweet comment, how cool is that?
Loving - it's been like Christmas every day on T.P.T! So many talented educators also happen to be amazing artists & sharing their work with everyone. It's been so much fun, but I've totally broken my oath to take a break from buying clipart :(   I unfortunately will not be jumping on this bandwagon. I can't even draw a stick figure or trace!
Thinking - I clocked 10 hours writing I.E.P. progress reports on Election Day to free up this entire afternoon for blogging and finishing my Christmas files. I'm wondering if I should drink the old coffee I made early this morning or make a fresh pot. I'm going with fresh - I just bought Gingerbread from DD!
Wanting - is there anyway to switch my Pinterest name from personal to Positively Learning? Please leave me a comment if you can help! Thanks!
Needing - I need a cute winter coat in every color! The heat in our school is unreliable & I've been wearing a coat and scarf every day, all day! My students keep asking me if it's time to go home :(
Music - I'm a huge, huge music fan but my students get a little distracted by...sitting still. Music would definitely get their little feet moving, hands clapping, then full-out jammin'. So I have to vote for "no music," unless it's hypnotic yoga-mood music :)
Have a super Saturday!
I'll be back tomorrow with a classroom management freebie!
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  1. 10 hours writing IEP progress reports would drive me nutty! You deserve a new pot of coffee!!! :)

    Hello Mrs Sykes

    1. Thanks for your comment! My school often schedules IEP meetings close gets hectic, but it's also so nice to get it all done at one time.

  2. Replies
    1. The past month or so has been especially fun - such talented artists on TPT! Thanks for your comment :)