Sunday, November 4, 2012

Don't Eat Tom & a freebie!

Taking deep breaths here...
I just uploaded an 117-page file for Thanksgiving to my TPT store! It took tons of courage for me to upload my first bundle! As a buyer, I ♥ bundles - it's SO convenient to get everything in one file at one time. But as a very humble seller, yikes. It will take some getting used to. I keep reminding myself that my first & foremost are my six-year-old sweeties I have the privilege of working alongside everyday! Those little guys teach me so much!
Here's a sneak peek at the HILARIOUS graphics I used from
Pink Cat Studio
I have no idea why they don't have feathers, but my students think it's about the funniest thing ever! We are using feathers for math manipulatives, but be warned - it's MESSY!

This is seriously what I look like eating pumpkin pie
& why I won't keep it in the house!
 Actually, I'm planning on going the bundle route to help me simplify my own teaching materials. In "Don't Eat Tom!" I included math and literacy activities my students are currently working on, plus "Everyday Extras" - a sight word game, alphabet activities, and a themed set of number cards. Sooo...I'm going to have to be brave as I get ready to "bundle up!"
To placate my soul, I also uploaded a HUGE freebie!

 Please click HERE to download your own copy!!


Laurah J. from The ESOL Odyssey had a brilliant idea to help teachers recover from Hurricane Sandy and get students back to the business of learning.

If you are a teacher in need of help or interested in donating materials, please visit this link to learn more.
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