Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday Linky & Super-Thankful for My Students Today!

Just a quick post to share a fabulous Holiday Linky Party...
check it out at Mrs. Bushnell's!
I have to share a special story about my awesome Power Hour students - they are so sweet! Statistically, the week before Thanksgiving break is supposed to be one of the toughest for behavior (just learned that at my last PD!). The teachers are feeling tired and overwhelmed & the students are feeding off our stress, plus they are super-psyched for the holidays. I've already had 2 students write letters to Santa in the You've Got Mail literacy work station! It's only November 13th, right?
My students' behavior has been no exception. There have been many recent discussions about what it means to respect ourselves & our teammates. We've been role-playing, resetting expectations, etc. We talk a lot about doing the right thing even when know one's watching (except Santa).
Today I went to school & had to leave my phone ringer on because I was expecting a sad phone call. It arrived during my Power Hour (reading intervention) and although I didn't answer it while I was teaching, I  knew what the call meant :(  At the time I was observing Word Work with my Guided Reading group while my other students were at their work stations.
I must have hesitated a little too long after the call. I realized it had gotten super quiet (there's always a quiet, or not-so-quiet, buzz). I looked up & EVERY friend was standing "hip & lip" in their spots with their eyes on me. They had thought my phone call was the clean-up signal (I use my phone timer) and they were all cleaned up & standing at attention waiting for my next directions. It may not sound like much, but it was pretty awesome to see. This is a group of fun-loving little ones who often don't "hear" the blaring timer go off & require more than a few reminders of what they should be doing! I definitely made a huge big deal of doing the right thing even when no one's watching. And since they were all cleaned up a few minutes early, we played a quick round of Star Wars Blast (they ♥ it!). They left happy and I left hopeful. These students are the sweetest & just what I needed today!

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