Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Santa Dilemma

We are having a Santa dilemma.
Santa-fever has taken hold BIGTIME in my Power Hour group. It's not even December! We are an enthusiastic group of D-level readers, but still working on staying on topic, making connections to the text, etc. If I ask questions to extend our thinking...the topic always seems to turn to Santa. I'm not exactly sure how to handle this. As their teacher, I don't really want to perpetuate the idea of believing in Santa, yet he has become a HUGE motivational tool for this "excitable" group.
Yesterday, we played Silent E "Coal!"
& the excitement was barely contained:

One of my students asked me if Santa had given me this game to play. I didn't say yes, but I also didn't say no. I'd never seen such posture & focused attention before, but since they thought Santa was watching...What would you have done? One little boy (the ringleader of mischievous behavior if I turned my back, which I would NEVER do!) told me that  he hopes Santa brings him this game for Christmas! I told him that can be arranged ;)
The independent writing center has also been temporarily taken over by this phenomenon. "You've Got Mail" has been replaced by "My Letter to Santa." I definitely didn't plan it this way, but I'm going with it because if they're writing, it's a good thing!
 Please click here to download your own copy:

Above is the sign that has replaced this station:

The center remains the same...I filled it with leftover stationary, notecards, and envelopes. Such an easy & simple center, yet they LOVE it! Hope you can use it with your students.

 Have a wonderful evening!

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