Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Today was a half-day, so now I'm officially on Thanksgiving break!
I'm not a big mall shopper & I try to avoid them between Thanksgiving & mid-January. In fact, I just did an epic Target shopping spree because I don't want to fight crowds there either. But online shopping...that's completely different ;)
Right now my carts are filled with clipart, new units for my students, and this:
I'm not sure I can pull off that pose ;)
That skirt looks like so much fun! I'm just waiting for what kind of deal The Limited is having on Monday. Speaking of deals, TPT is bringing back the "big one," where they generously throw an extra 10% off EVERYTHING on Monday & Tuesday. Many teachers are already throwing sales up to 20% off (including me!), which means you can save up to 28%!
Check it out!
Thanks 3AM for keeping us on track!
Please keep checking back as more & more stores link up!

Have a FABULOUS Thanksgiving!
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