Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guided Reading: Celebrating Growth!

Happy Almost Friday!
Although this has been the s-l-o-w-e-s-t "teaching" (testing) week of 2012, I still didn't find a spare minute to post. This will be short & sweet as I'm ready to fall asleep! Tomorrow is a half day & then our sweet students will be staying home until Jan 3rd (staff returns on Jan 2nd for Professional Development).
I attended the Special Needs conference last weekend & it was SPECTACULAR! 145 outstanding educators sharing laughs & knowledge. I can't wait to post about everything I learned!
We wrapped up the Fountas & Pinnel Benchmark Assessment this week & I'm SO pleased with my little group's progress:

Font by Kevin & Amanda
I feel very proud of ALL of them and already reflecting on what I can do better next time. On Jan 2nd, we will reanalyze all the data collected and reconfigure the literacy groups. Since there are students with IEPs that I will continue working with, I'll be following their groups (& any other students who are at the same level). Most likely my group will consist of Level D and E :)
At the conference, I attended a session that discussed grouping by F & P levels for Guided Reading & then considering RIT bands (MAP-testing) to subdivide the groups for rotations. Brilliant! I'm definitely trying that when we come back from break!
Please visit my Guided Reading posts by selecting the label (on the right column of my blog) to read what we did to reach these results.  I will be back soon with updates!
Have a super Friday!

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  1. This is a lot like what I have been doing in the 1st and 2nd grades at my school. They are pushing inclusion. It is fun to work with more students, but some times I think people forget the purpose of my job is to work with spec ed kids. So it can be frustrating some times. It is nice to see someone else doing the same thing as me though. We also use the F&P assessments/leveling and MAP testing. Have a great break!

    We are ALL Special!