Sunday, December 9, 2012

No me gusta SCHEDULING

My "job" (that word just doesn't cover it!)
looks different every hour, every day.
My caseload this year is SO interesting...with the appropriate supports, the students are academic dynamos! I am barely differentiating content from the first grade curriculum and instead focusing on presentation. BIG areas of concern are speech and language, PT, and OT. We are also working with unique hearing and vision impairments. I've been spending a majority of my time parallel teaching in small groups to offer more visual, hands-on experiences, as well as extended time and practice. It's been loads of fun, except....SCHEDULING. No me gusta.
I have individual students with up to three service hours per day AND they also have pull-out related services (OT, PT, SPL). This makes scheduling impossible challenging.
The latest interims indicate that my students' enrichments are suffering as a result. The enrichments our first graders participate in are: Music, Science, Art, Spanish, and Health & Wellness (physical education).
At an IEP meeting last week, there was a lot of discussion about students being scheduled for related services during these enrichments in order to avoid missing the crucial math and literacy content in the classroom. It's such a tricky do you decide what a student should miss?  I don't want them to miss a single thing!
At my school, we are still tackling this issue. In the meantime, I'm collaborating with the Spanish teacher (who is WONDERFUL!!) to create support materials for both the students and their families to review at home. Despite taking FIVE years of Espanol, I am completely clueless (& this is just first grade!). We are currently working on Las Frutas. I put together this simple picture/text file...hope you find it useful!
Graphics: Tammy Ferrell
Have a super Sunday!
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