Sunday, January 6, 2013

Currently: NY's style!

I'm (hopefully) going to be the 406th currently post for January - that's my record for tardiness :(

The excuse I'm going to use this time is that I haven't been able to upload jpegs from my computer. Is anyone else having this problem with Blogger? After several tries, I saw the option "Picasa Web Album" and less than one minute later, I can now post pictures :)  I'm still hoping that the Blogger issue is resolved soon so I can cut out this extra step.
Back to Currently...
Super-blogger Farley continues to keep us on our toes!
Please visit her blog to read all other bloggers' currently.

 Listening - since I pretty much only listen to Rock my Run mixes, I thought I'd get more specific this month & list the actual mix title. This is a FUN mix for working out and has some of my fave hip hop 2012 (& older) hits. Love it!

Loving - veggies! I've been making a conscious effort to add more carbs to my diet & veggies is my new thing! I'm using raw (cucumbers, celery) for my school lunches and frozen (broccoli, brussel sprouts) for dinner. My mother will never believe this!

Thinking - the 1st grade team used our latest F&P benchmark assessment results to reconfigure our Power Hour groups. I'm now working with Level E and switched out more than a dozen students. Tomorrow will be our first day with the new groups. I plan on spending the majority of Monday & Tuesday's Power Hour setting expectations - I gained some "big personalities" with this regrouping. PLEASE wish me luck :)

Wanting - a secretary or intern. Or a live-in den mother. Or it could be a complete stranger. I don't even care...I just need to figure out how to stay on top of all my paperwork!

Needing - I wanted a new car these past couple years. I NEED a new car - yesterday. It was broken into this week which is a bit ridiculous since it had to have been the oldest car in the school parking lot! Replacing the window cost way too much because the car is soooo old. Now the engine light likes to turn on when I stop at red lights (not the friendly reminder light, but the scary-bad one). We are planning on purchasing a new car in the next two weeks  - hooray!!!

OLW - Energy! Sometimes it's energy from all the veggies I'm eating and sometimes it's nervous energy from all the caffeine I'm drinking. But either way, I'm welcoming it!

I'm looking forward to this week - we are starting the new Power Hour and NWEA testing. It will be exciting and busy!
Have a super Sunday!

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  1. I love the term "power hour" for your group! I will have to look more at your blog to see if iI can find out more information on your "power hour" guided group. As a first grade team we too will be using F and P (this will be our first time) to better group students.

    Good luck tomorrow-big personalities can make for interesting groups ;)

    Learning to the Core