Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Flipbook Word Family Fun

Hope you're having a terrific week so far!
So far, my new Power Hour group is going SO well! We spent the first day setting expectations and practiced moving in rotations (Guided Reading group with me, computer lab, and literacy work stations). We also set up our goal wall where we posted what reading level we hope to grow before the next round of F&P (spring break - 11 weeks!):
and a closer look:
(I would be lost without post-it notes)

We are enjoying a honeymoon period - I hope it lasts!
Every week, the first graders work on two new word families. Students receive a word family page and spend time highlighting words from passages, writing stories using the words, etc. My students need more hands-on practice each week, so we create our own lists and store them in our Word Family Class Book. At the beginning of the year, we also explored flipbooks:
Now that they are getting so good at word families,
we are making our own!
Update! This student's mother came in the next day & told me her daughter loved the book so much... she carried it everywhere she went & slept with it!
I have 38 short vowel flipbooks,
plus a blank template available for free here!

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  1. Thank you--I'm always looking for new word family resources!

  2. These look great for my students who are having difficulty with mastering those short vowel sounds. Thanks.

  3. What a great resource! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love this!!! Thanks so much! I also teach SPED. This was my first year teaching an EE SDC K-1 class. It was a brand new class! Glad this first year is done!!! Now I'm starting to get organized for my second go around! This will help my kids a great deal! Thx again! ; )