Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Florida, Field Trip, & a Freebie

Hope everyone had a fantastic break!
Today was a professional development day for staff and students return tomorrow. I was surprised with how many students showed up thinking there was school today! So, it's back to reality...especially this Friday: the first grade is going on a field trip to Port Discovery! While it's a terrific place to go, it also can be very loud and my students literally need their hands held throughout the ENTIRE trip. They will absolutely love it & I am guaranteed an epic night's sleep afterwards.
Last fall, I offered this Field Trip follow-up freebie:
a blank copy is also included:
Font from Rowdy in Room 300
I hope one of the versions will suit your needs. I have to explain the word bank choices for my students...we don't have bus transportation at my school, so school buses are a pretty BIG deal. Hopefully, they will also have plenty to write about "discover" and "learning" after this trip :)
Speaking of trips, I just returned from paradise:
8 days in Florida!!
perfect sunsets
where we enjoyed Christmas dinner
This was taken BEFORE we discovered our flight was on a SEVEN hour delay. Luckily, after 5 hours, we were able to volunteer to get bumped. We received four free round-trip tickets & got to spend another day in Florida! Win-Win!
Have a wonderful week!
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