Thursday, January 24, 2013

Linking Up with Love

Aahh, a two-hour snow delay!
Unfortunately I was halfway to work when it was announced :(
Now I'm back home enjoying another cup of coffee
& catching up on blogs!
 It's also a perfect time to link up with Tessa Maguire of 
It's going to be hard to narrow it down,
but here's a few things I'm loving:
It's turned into an almost harmless vice. MUCH better than my online shopping at White House Black Market and The Limited...less expensive, plus beneficial for my students :)
Yesterday we had a professional development on anti-bullying.  It included a brainstorming session with grade-level teams to extend learning. I was already thinking about how I could incorporate the adorable graphics from Melonheadz to make some concrete activities (i.e.: sorting mats) for my small groups. After a quick search, I also found some TPT freebies using the SAME graphics - awesome!

click HERE for a look at the complete set!
(BTW, not only is Nikki a fabulous artist, she's also the sweetest!)

Speaking of TPT, I cannot express in words the extent of my gratitude for this fabulous community of educators. It has truly enriched my teaching and provided me with a creative outlet to do what I love. I just can't imagine teaching without it! It pushes me to be a better teacher...I'm constantly following up on new ideas and revising my own materials to better serve my students.
This morning I'm uploading my latest in my monthly sentence builders series:
Sweet Sentence Builders
One more thing I'm incredibly thankful for...

Our school had an all-day PD on Tuesday with a Heinemann representative (& educator). We all received this book:
Has anyone read this? It's INCREDIBLE & jam-packed with ideas to use with any reading group (Guided Reading, whole group, intervention groups, etc.). My mind is literally still spinning with all the ideas. I need a snow day to soak it all in :)
Have a super day & don't forget to link back to Tessa to read more!!

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  1. Thanks for linking up! I super love F&P and so while I don't have that book, I know that PD was awesome!

  2. I have just started getting into the graphics and fonts. At first I wasn't sure where to get them without spending a lot, and then I realized there is so much available for free. Then, once I find my favorite sellers I can make the purchases.
    Literacy Spark