Saturday, February 2, 2013

Beyonce Would Approve!

Beyonce was on my mind ALL week!
I'm not sure WHAT happened in 1st grade this week where you are, but we went through a flurry of name changes in my neck of the woods. It's funny because I remember the EXACT same thing happening last year around this time. I think we may need to do some research on this!

Here's the scoop:
Hahaha, have you ever experienced this??
I'm sure I could turn this into a phonics teachable moment :)
Speaking of Beyonce, I thought this was great:
Here in Baltimore, we are preparing for street closures in my downtown neighborhood for tomorrow's big game. They are expecting the restaurants to be so packed, they are rerouting traffic! It's going to be something else!
One more "sleep" 'til the big game AND the big TPT sale:
Please share what fun items you have in your cart!
 I'm still's been so hard to wait until tomorrow!
Please check back soon...I'll be posting the treasures I picked up!
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