Saturday, February 16, 2013

Five for Friday!

I'm linking up for Five for Friday!

I'm sharing my favorite 5 from the past week in pictures!

 1. I started running again this week! I workout everyday, but had completely stopped running since the cold weather arrived. I switched my morning routine to work out at a different gym with a track. My legs feel like JELLO!
2. We went to the Maryland Science Center for a field trip this past Wednesday. One of my students who loves all kinds of destructive weather (cyclones, hurricanes, tornados) almost lost his mind at this display (he's standing in the background completely mesmerized)!
3. I actually have no idea what this picture is about! The second grade had a holiday party & I snapped a photo of this cutie at dismissal. The second grade teachers have a great sense of humor!
4. Oh my goodness...this was a precious moment from Power Hour. We were exploring our new Guided Reading books by going on a word hunt with our magnifying glasses. I caught this moment with my iphone. SO CUTE.
5. This was my big moment of the week/month/year! I finally got my new car! I had test drove the car a few weeks earlier, but hadn't really decided when we were going to purchase it. Our last conversation was a "wait and see" what was happening with my current car (that was 15 years old but still running fine). Little did I know that Mr. D had gone back and bought the car that same weekend and then waited until our anniversary to have it delivered. He told me he had ordered carryout (which we NEVER do) and asked me to answer the door. At the door was a man holding out the keys! The photo is blurry but shows how surprised I was! It was so much fun!
Please follow the link to Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching to read about other bloggers' favorite five things. Have a super weekend!
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  1. What a fun Anniversary surprise! I also hate how your legs feel like jello once you get back to runnning! That is awesome that you are able to get to a gym with a track. I am stuck on the treadmill for now.

  2. What an awesome surprise {and very thoughtful hubby}! Congratulations! =)

    A+ Firsties

  3. Congrats on the new car! I'm sure you deserve it! Yay! Your pictures are cute!!! Thanks for sharing! I just started running again after taking a few months off...oh man! I wonder why I stopped!! Happy Running!!
    Ms. Shope's Class

  4. What fun it is to have a new car! Congratulations and good job to the hubby for the surprise! Perhaps the 2nd grade class was doing the Mustache you a Question activity :)

  5. I bet nothing can outdo this surprise! I remember the time I got my first car. My Dad hasn’t been speaking to me for a few days. Little did I know, he’s just trying not to spoil the surprise he got for me: a brand new car! I wish you have a blog solely about your new car that would let us in for a view of its amazing features. =D

    Ivo Beutler