Sunday, February 10, 2013

Math Practice Mega-Freebie!

I'm incredibly excited to show off one of my favorite math practice freebies...but first, I must share how much I've accomplished this weekend!
Yesterday, I created, printed, and laminated FOUR long vowel games for my students! I'll be posting them soon, but they need to be "student-approved" first :)
The game themes were special requests from my six-year old students. I can't wait to see their faces tomorrow!
This morning, I wrote THREE I.E.P's for annual meetings coming up in the next few weeks. It took some extra coffee, but it's DONE!
And on a personal note, I'm just getting started on Downton Abbey (on season one, so please no spoilers!). Loving it so far! Another happy moment - we like to go for a long run along the harbor on Sundays. Since it's been so cold, we haven't run outdoors since I can remember. Today, I'm trying out another location of the gym I go to (I'm downtown, so there's a few options of gyms that belong to the same network). This locale has an indoor track & I can't wait to actually MOVE again. The treadmill is fine, but it's just not the same workout. I hope resuming these long runs counteract the yucky winter blahs I have!'s the math freebie I can't wait to show you!
There's 30 pages featuring 2 problems per page:
In Maryland, our first and second graders will see problems like the one above (only not so cute, love Pink Cat Studio) on the Stanford 10 standardized test. The students will listen to a word problem, decide if it's addition or subtraction, write the problem, and solve it.
In the weeks leading up to the test (3rd week of April), we will be tackling 2-4 of these problems on a daily basis (in addition to regular math instruction). We did this last year & I feel the students really benefited from all this extra practice.
I print the pages double-sided and cut them in half (1 problem on the front & 1 on the back). The first 20 pages of the file feature problems that can be used for addition (no regrouping) or subtraction. I make multiple copies because every problem could be used two different ways. Pages 21-30 feature number combinations to use with addition (with regrouping) or subtraction.
Here's what the above page would look like (hopefully!):
The student will have heard a problem, like: "Polly Penguin brought 14 Valentines to the party. Percy Penguin brought 10. How many did they have altogether?"
(I'm sure you can be more creative than me, haha!)

If you're feeling a little lazy innovative, have the students create the story problem. That way, you can assess their ability to identify & use key math words.
And don't forget to reuse the page another day with a subtraction story. Or addition again, if your students are like mine & may not recall doing it the first time :(
Does your school practice setting up the problems in a similar fashion ("tens, one, skip...")? We use a little chant and the students are able to do it successfully. This file also includes a few three-digit numbers!

Please grab your own set of 60 problems HERE !
I'd love to hear how you use them with your students, thanks!
Have a super week!
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  1. Oh, I love how you set the problems up and the boxes to keep their writing straight. Great ideas. Wonderful freebie!

    Extra Special Teaching

  2. Thanks! The boxes help a lot! We always skip a line under the Tens & Ones in preparation for regrouping (which is coming up soon, wish us luck!).

  3. These are great! I am very excited to use these when we get to this skill. I am also a Downton Abbey fan! I LOVE IT! You will love season 2. And 3. What am I saying, they're all great!
    :) Dana
    Fun in 1st Grade

  4. Thank you - I can use these on my smartboard. I am just starting this tomorrow...wish me luck!