Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rock + Star!

Get it? :)
In my small group, we celebrate successes often. As in, several times per day. Usually it signifies that we totally ACED an activity & need to acknowledge our awesomeness before moving on to the next content area.
I often refer to my students as rockstars, as in "Reading Rockstars." I'm not how it got started, but they love it! They also answer to "Math Wizards," "Mathematicians," and "Smart Cookies."
Last week one of my little guys spontaneously told me I was a "rock" (held out his left hand) "star" (held out his right hand), "rockstar" (clapped both hands together). That's how we learned compound was fun to see him transfer it over to our celebration! He then flashed some fun hand signal that I probably would be able to intepret if I was under the age of 30!
Anyway, I was inspired by my students to create this fun mini-mini-certificate while updating my
Two Peas in a Pod Activity Pack:

Grab your copy here!

Enjoy your Sunday!
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  1. Love the rockstar comments!! I want to start incorporating that language into my classes and lessons.