Saturday, February 23, 2013

We Be Jammin' & That Cat!

I spend my weekends prepping my lessons as far ahead as I can. As a special educator, I differentiate the general education plans to keep students on my caseload as close to the curriculum as I can, while supporting their individual (I.E.P.) goals and objectives.
I really LOVE to do this...I enjoy the challenge of exploring different modalities and creative alternatives to parallel-teach the "power" standards my students need to know. This is why I started TPT-ing in the first place...I found my students needed more appropriate "hands-on" experiences to grasp key knowledge. NOTHING beats the a-ha moment when everything "clicks" for my students :)
At my school, we also do "indirect services" monthly with the general education teachers. My dream of all dreams would be to work full-time as a consultant and support teachers by differentiating the curriculum (they would remain as the general service provider for special education services) and only teach pull-out intervention groups (only 1-2 hours per day).
Anyway, as I was planning this weekend, I realized I had it easy as far as planning, because next week I'll be administering interim assessments in small groups and then F & P testing whenever I can! There will be very little time to actually "teach."
I immediately starting thinking of how I will probably need to pick up more K-cups to motor through this...and then, of course, I thought - how are my students going to hold up?
A solid week of testing! 
 Many of my students also have BIPs and accommodations, such as "multiple and frequent breaks." I have a bag of tricks (superhero stress toys, playdough, Just Dance videos, etc.). One of my students is obsessed with my teddy bear counters & that is always the reward he requests! Every year my students gravitate towards something special that they like, so I've built up a fairly large "tried & true" inventory. What type of brain breaks do you offer your students?
This past week, our staff was introduced to this free movement program: JAM (Just a Minute) School Program
They have one-minute fitness clips that promote movement and healthy habits. The site includes links to youtube videos featuring schools implementing the program (sorry, I wasn't having luck embedding the video links). This upcoming week may be the perfect time to introduce this program!
Since I'm not spending as much time lesson planning today (& not writing any IEPs - yay!!), I'm busy updating older TPT files and adding new activities!
Here's a freebie that coordinates with a long and short vowel sorting product I just updated (& added 17 new pages!):
This sorting mat can be used for PA with students looking at picture cards, saying the word, and sorting by vowel sound. Or it can be used for phonics with text cards. There are similar sorting mats (plus more) in the original file. I was having fun and got a little carried away!
Hope you enjoy the rest of your Saturday!
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  1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Dr. Seuss stuff is copyrighted and most sellers have had to pull their products off of TPT! A lot of people have just changed their graphics so as not to include anything pertaining to Dr. Seuss. I am not sure what could happen, but you might want to look into it?